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Title Writer Date
Playing at Work: Professionals
Volume Number
Samuel West, Eva Hoff and Ingegerd Carlsson 2019.06.04
Implicit Theories of Intelligence and Creative Ability: Relationships with Academic Risk-Taking and Academic Stress
2013 Volume 23 Number 2
Seiko Yamazaki and V. K. Kumar 2019.06.04
Researching and Analysing Young Children
2013 Volume 23 Number 2
Scott Lee 2019.06.04
Culture, Ambiguity Aversion and Choice in Probability Judgments
2013 Volume 23 Number 2
Kuniko Adachi, Hiroshi Yama, Jean-Baptiste Van der Henst, Hugo Mercier, Minoru Karasawa and Yayoi Kawasaki 2019.06.04
College Students
2013 Volume 23 Number 2
Christine Charyton, Glenn E. Snelbecker, John O. Elliott and Mohammed A. Rahman 2019.06.04
Backup Plans and Creative Problem-Solving: Effects of Causal, Error, and Resource Processing
2013 Volume 23 Number 2
Vincent Giorgini and Michael D. Mumford 2019.06.04
Evaluating the Impacts of Destination ImagiNation on the Creative Problem Solving Skills of Middle School Students
2013 Volume 23 Number 2
Tracy C. Missett, Carolyn M. Callahan and Holly Hertberg-Davis 2019.06.04
A Novel
2013 Volume 23 Number 2
Raffaele Calabretta 2019.06.04
Joining the Debate: Creativity Seen from Eastern and Central Europe
2013 Volume 23 Number 1
Vlad Petre Glăveanu and Maciej Karwowski 2019.06.04
Western Model of Creativity: Generalizability and Hypothetical Educational Consequences for the
2013 Volume 23 Number 1
Bart 2019.06.04
Naïve Theories of Creativity and Sociocultural Factors Revisited. The Potential Explanatory Role of Creative Self-efficacy and Creative Personal Identity
2013 Volume 23 Number 1
Ana-Maria Hojbotă 2019.06.04
Implicit Individualism in Teachers
2013 Volume 23 Number 1
Jelena Pavlović, Slavica Maksić and Bojana Bodroža 2019.06.04