[ Volume 24 Number 2 October 2014 ]
   Postal Addresses As An Assay of Cultural Cognition
  Hiroko Nakamura, Hiroshi Yama, Gary L. Brase, Nasriah Zakaria, Yoshiko Arai, Norhayati Zakaria, Shafiz A. Mohd Yusof and Jun Kawaguchi
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Abstract :
The present study investigate/d cultural differences in semantic processing, using a city-to-state and state-to-city priming task, in Japan, Malaysia and the United States. Prior research suggests that Easterners tend to engage in context-dependent cognition whereas Westerners tend to engage in context-independent cognition (Nisbett et al., 2001). According to this view, Japanese and Malaysians should show a greater facilitation effect when state name (context) is presented before city name (object) and/or should be more strongly affected by the prime as a contextual cue. However, if domain-specific knowledge about postal addressing order affects semantic priming, both Malaysians and Americans (who share a city-to-state postal address style) should show greater facilitation from city-to-state priming. The results showed cultural differences in the long SOA (700ms) priming task: Americans and Japanese showed significant differences between congruent pairs (e.g., Texas-Dallas) and incongruent pairs (e.g., Texas-Chicago), both in state- to-city and city-to-state priming, whereas Malaysian didn’t show such differences in state-to-city priming. On the other hand, in the short SOA (200ms) priming task, there were no differences between Easterners and Westerners in amount of priming. These results imply that when the priming order didn’t fit the domain-specific knowledge about addressing order, but was consistent with the culturally engaged cognitive tendency, this domain-general cognitive tendency facilitated the target processing via conscious use of strategies.

Key words : Japan, Malaysia, United States, Eastern-Western differences, Semantic priming, Dual process theory


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